Hair Restoration Therapy $1,000 per session

Hair loss and thinning affects both men and women and can adversely impact our sense of self confidence and esteem.  Platelet-rich plasma injections to the scalp have been shown to restore hair growth and studies have even shown these treatments to be effective in patients with hair loss due to the auto-immune condition alopecia areata.  These treatments are 100% natural, in that they involve isolation and injection of growth factors from our body to stimulate tissue regeneration and hair regrowth. 

Certain hormonal imbalances can also contribute to hair loss/thinning.  In patients who an underlying hormonal imbalance is suspected, a compounded, prescription-strength, topical solution is prescribed in addition to platelet-rich plasma therapy.

A series of 3 treatments, spaced out every 6-8 weeks, is recommended the first year.  A maintinance treatment is recommended every 6-12 months thereafter to maintain long-term results.  


What to expect during a treatment session:

1) A simple in-office blood draw of 2 tubes from the arm

2) Local nerve block using 2% Lidocaine and/or topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the procedure

3) FDA-approved RegenLab equipment is used to extract patelet-rich plasma from the blood

4) The platelet-rich plasma is drawn into insulin syringes and re-injected into the scalp using a very tiny insulin needle