age management and regenerative medicine

Experience our total approach to age management medicine, using a combination of hormone replacement therapy, medical sexual enhancement therapies, weight management and facial aesthetic injectables using the latest advancements in regenerative medicine.



Feeling tired, less motivated, lower sex drive, decreased erectile functioning, hair loss, joint/tendon pain, difficulty loosing fat and building lean muscle mass?  If looking and feeling older isn't in your plans, we've got you covered.   



Noticing fine lines, wrinkles or lost facial volume? Feeling tired, gaining weight, less motivated, lower sex drive, less satisfying orgasms, increasing PMS symptoms or going through the menopausal transition?  Age management and regenerative medicine is for you. 



"Vampire" Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is based on the principle that our bodies possess all of the essential elements needed to heal itself and regenerate tissues.
These injections are used for hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, sexual enhancement (P-Shot & O-Shot), and even for joint and soft tissue pain and injuries.